The 8 Best Bedtime Snacks for Weight Loss

Who doesn’t like a little bedtime snack before going to sleep? However, most of our favourite bedtime snacks attack our body with severe bloating in the morning. You see, one has to be very careful about the items that one chooses to snack on within one or two hours before its time to hit the bed.

One has to consider several factors. For instance, first and foremost, it is essential to consider that devouring snacks late at night causes the calories to rise up, which leads to weight gain. Research reveals that having your meals right before going to bed causes restless sleep, and also leads to bingeing and tiredness the next day. Furthermore, late night snacking is also linked with stress-induced eating, which causes one to devour high calorie fats that give psychological comfort.

However, it isn’t entirely healthy to turn a blind eye towards a grumbling stomach because that’s also going to disrupt your sleep quality, and cause you to wake up fatigued and famished. And hence, not only will you overeat at breakfast, but you will also disrupt your well-balanced diet and spend the day struggling with bouts of tiredness.

The best way to treat yourself to a deliciously crunchy bedtime snack is to stock up foods that pack up very few calories, and contain sleep-inducing nutrients that won’t cause digestion troubles or bloating, and will help you enjoy a relaxed and undisturbed quality sleep.

Here are 8 amazing bedtime foods to help you enjoy a bloat-free snack before snoozing:

1. Baby Carrots

Baby carrots are packed with nutrition, and these tiny orange babies are the crunchiest delights if you’re seeking a snack that is appetizing and satiating. Four fat baby carrots with a homemade hummus is the healthiest meal without a single trace of calories.

2. Cereal

Steer clear of all those processed sugar loaded cereals as they will make horribly wired up and anxious, along with upsetting your stomach with a terrible ache. Instead, pick out some healthy whole-grain varieties that contain complex carbs like bran flakes, corn or oatmeal.

A bowl of whole-grain cereal will give you no more than 200 calories, and they are extremely easy for the stomach to digest. Be sure to fill up your bowl with milk to brim your body with protein, and sleep-inducing tryptophan.

3. Fat-Free Greek Yogurt

Fat-free Greek yogurt is your best pick if you want to trim your body with high quality dairy protein, along with satisfying your bedtime snack cravings.

Greek yogurt is brimming with tryptophan, which will relax your body, bust all your anxieties and help you enjoy quality sleep without any disruptions. Furthermore, Greek yogurt will help you soothe your stomach, which will cut down your chances of waking up due to indigestion, or heartburn.

4. Turkey

2 slices of white meat turkey pack up lesser than 100 calories, and they are your best pick for a low-fat dinner that is brimming with fine quality protein.

The best part is, turkey is loaded with tryptophan, an essential nutrient that promotes quality sleep. So if you’re struggling with sleep issues or insomnia, add 2-3 slices of turkey to your dinner diet.

5. Nut Butter & Apple

Apples are packed with fibers and they are your best pick if you want to crunch on something that’s sweet and satiating. And if you add one tablespoon of almond or peanut butter, you can enjoy a dessert-like-fix without adding up the calories.

This snack is a crunchy nut delight that won’t make your stomach feel bloated or heavy, and it will keep you satiated until breakfast.

6. Fat-free Chocolate Pudding

One single serving pack of no-fat chocolate pudding cup packs up no more 90 calories, and this succulently savoury treat is your healthiest pick if you want to devour a creamy dessert. You can totally devour it as a bedtime snack, for it contains no fats that your body will have a hard time digesting.

7. String Cheese

Most people avoid eating string cheese since it’s processed and that has given it a bad name. Truth be told, one mindful serving of string cheese is your best pick to brim your body with healthy fats and satiating protein that will fill you up and satisfy your hunger without packing up no more than 80 calories.

Furthermore, string cheese is brimming with essential amino acid tryptophan, which is highly recommended for individuals struggling with sleep difficulties, insomnia and disturbed sleep patterns.

8. Banana

Bananas are packed with fibers, which satiate your appetite and put an end to all your unwanted pangs of hunger. They are also loaded with tryptophan, which is a natural relaxer to help you bust your stress and anxiety.

One medium-sized banana packs up no more than 100, and they make the perfect snacks to energize your body after a tiring morning. They also make the healthiest midnight and post-midnight snacks if you want to eat mindfully and shed some pounds.

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Now that you are aware of all the best bedtime snacks, be sure to eat mindful portions, and stock up ingredients like baby carrots, whole grain cereals or biscuits, and grilled turkey slices. You can always add cheesy sauces and other low-fat dips to make your little bedtime treats satiating and savoury. Just be sure to steer clear of fat-rich and processed foods that will cause bloating and tiredness in the morning.