7 Best Foods for Rapid Weight Loss

We all want to lose weight and we all want to lose it fast, but what exactly are we doing to achieve these weight loss goals? Now, it would be great if losing weight was like waving a magic wand and casting a miraculous spell to speed up the fat burning process and lose all that belly fat. But hey, that’s not happening.

What if I told you that you can achieve miraculously fast weight loss benefits without the need for a wand or any kind of spell book? Yes, indeed. You can achieve these goals with a healthy diet filled up superfoods that promote rapid weight loss benefits. These are just the tricks you need to lose that awfully protruding belly to look good at a wedding, a much awaited party, or even a hot date perhaps.

Nature has the answer to all our problems, and combined with a regular and consistent exercise regimes, these superfoods are just what you need to multiply the weight loss benefits. No one likes to burn one’s energies at the gym, day after day, alongside depriving oneself of all the foods that are enjoyable and tasty. But with these 7 superfoods you can actually enjoy your weight loss journey without feeling deprived or lacking energy. They will enhance your performance at the gym, brimming you with the energy needed to excel your workout goals.

These 7 superfoods have been scientifically proven and extensively researched to provide marked weight loss benefits within 6 weeks and sometimes, even less. So, get ready to pick up some groceries that will slim down your waist and shed off those awful pounds.

Here, take a look:

1. Pistachios

Pistachios have scientifically proven as one of the most beneficial and nutritious nuts to lose and maintain weight. A recent study attempted to study the weight loss benefits of pistachios over the period of 12 weeks. They made two sample groups of participants, and each group was given an almost similar low-calorie diet.

The only difference was that afternoon snack each group was given. The first group was given a snack of pretzels that had 220 calories, and the other group was given a snack of pistachios, worth 240 calories. Within four weeks, the sample group who consumed pistachios cut down their BMI, while the pretzel-consuming group experienced no different whatsoever.

Pistachios Good for Weight Loss

Moreover, the group who consumed pistachios also experienced marked improvements in their triglyceride and cholesterol levels. Be sure to snack on a handful of pistachios every single day.

2. Almonds

Nutritionists and weight loss experts regard almonds no less than magical weight loss pills. A recent study attempted to examine the effect experienced by obese and overweight adults with a calorie-restricted diet. Their diet also included a quarter cup of nuts, mainly almonds. The results revealed that within two weeks, the participants who consumed nuts decreased far more weight than the participants who were given a snack made with safflower oil and complex carbohydrates.

Moreover, after 24 weeks elapsed, the participants who consumed nuts reduced their weight by a whopping 62%, along with significant reductions in their BMI. Be sure to consume a daily serving of almonds before you begin your exercise routine for effective weight loss results and enhanced energy levels.

Another study revealed that almonds are one of the richest sources of L-arginine, an essential amino acid that aids the body in burning a greater amount of carbs and fats during workout sessions. Be sure to eat them daily, however, keep your portions mindful and small.

3. Green Tea

If you want to multiply the weight loss benefits of your exhausting workout sessions, be sure to drink green before, with and after your workouts. Researchers attempted to examine the effects experienced by regular exercisers who consumed nearly four to five cups of green day every day and spent at least 25 minutes at the gym. The results revealed that they cut down more belly fat as opposed to exercisers who didn’t consume green tea at all.

So, why is green tea such as powerful weight loss elixir? According to research, green has the most powerful concentration of catechins, which are extremely beneficial antioxidants that prevent the storage of belly fat, along with promoting rapid weight loss.

4. Avocados

Nutritionists and health experts believe that avocado is the only fruit provided by nature that can actually eliminate 20% of your belly fat with daily consumption. Researchers attempted to examine the benefits reaped by two sample groups, of which one consumed flax-safflower oil and the other consumed avocado oil.

Results revealed that the participants who consumed avocado oil, no more than 3tbsp. a day, lost more than 2% of their belly fat within just one month. Avocado has a bold flavour and a dense concentration of monounsaturated fats, which can be enjoyed with grilling, frying, baking, salads, casseroles and even sandwiches.

5. Legumes

Lentils and legumes are vital superfoods that brim up our diets with countless essential minerals and nutrients. A recent study conducted a four-week observation examined the benefits of a calorie-restricting diet that served four servings of legumes every week. The results revealed that this diet provided far more powerful weight loss benefits as opposed to any other diet that doesn’t contain beans.

Moreover, the participants who consumed 4 servings of legumes each week also experienced a marked improvement in terms of reduced systolic blood pressure levels and bad or LDL cholesterol levels.

You must brim up your daily diet with lentils, peas, beans, and chickpeas, which you can devour in your salads, sauces and casserole meals.

6. Vitamin D-Fortified Yogurt

Yogurt with fortified vitamin D is a splendid remedy to multiply all the weight loss benefits you’ve ever heard or read about. A combination supplement of calcium and vitamin D, in the form of yogurt, is just what you need to work wonders on your weight loss goals.

A recent study conducted a 12-week experiment where subjects where given a combination of calcium and vitamin D. Within less than 4 weeks into the experiment, the subjects taking this combination lost twice the amount of weight as opposed to the other sample group. You can reap similar weight loss benefits, all you need is pick out vitamin D-fortified yogurt from your nearest grocery store.

7. Grapefruit

Research reveals that consuming at least half a grapefruit before each meal can improve your body’s ability to burn fat naturally, which makes it an excellent pick for weight loss and maintenance. A recent study revealed that since grapefruits speed up the fat-burning performance of the body, they help burn more than one inch of belly fat, especially from the middle, in just six weeks.

Researchers believe that grapefruit holds such powerful weight loss benefits because of its mighty concentration of fat-burning phytochemicals. However, if you are taking medications, be sure to consult your doctor, because grapefruit has exhibited negative effect after interaction with certain medications.

If your doctor believes no harm will come, add half a grape fruit before having your breakfast every morning, and be sure to devour some of it before your lunch. You can add it in your salads, fruit bowls or even cut thin slices and eat them with your meals.