8 Things Your Ears Say About Your Health

Have you ever wondered what your ears, their shape and functioning abilities have to indicate about your overall bodily and mental health? Research reveals that our ears reveal a great deal about our bodily organs and essential bodily functions.

If your ears appear to be unusually different, start ringing incessantly, suffer from severe episodes of itching, or hurt in certain areas, it could be an indication of an ailment in a completely different organ of your body. You may never even imagine that a particular organ is related to ears in such an impactful way.

We’ve picked out some of the most common ear-related impairments and how they correlate with several common ailments. Here, take a look:

1. Earlobe Crease

The earlobe crease, also referred to as the Frank’s sign after the doctor who first identified this ailment, is basically a diagonal crease within the earlobe, and it is often regarded as a sign of heart disease. Researchers aren’t sure how this crease emerges and what is the underlying cause behind it, but research suggest that not everyone who has developed the earlobe crease will have heart disease. However, if you notice the appearance of this crease, be sure to consult your doctor immediately.

Wrinkled Skin in Front of Ear

2. Missing External Ear

A missing external ear can be regarded as an indication of anotia, which is a condition that occurs at birth. Researchers and medical experts aren’t yet aware of the underlying cause behind this condition, but research suggest the harmful elements within our environment and certain medications administered during pregnancy can be seen as a possible reason for its emergence. It can occur by itself or even accompany another genetic ailment. In the majority of the cases reported, doctors can create an outside ear using plastic surgery.