The 10 Worst Foods For Weight Loss

If you want to bring a healthy and energizing change in your lifestyle, you will have to admit that the products sold in local grocery stores, supermarkets, office and school lunchrooms, local delis, hip cafes and vending machines are brimming with alarming amounts of sugar, chemicals, processed toxins and damaging artificial additives, which should not be a part of our daily diet.

We’ve picked out a list of 10 extremely unhealthy foods that are most commonly a part of our daily diet. We like their taste and convenience, and we simply ignore the fact that they are made with unhealthy amounts of sugar, sodium, processed meats and artificial produce, which is denying our body all the essential nutrients it requires to stay energized and healthy.

Aside from that, these foods, such as hot dogs, bacon and packaged food items, contain several harmful chemicals can disrupt the balance of blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels and also damage the functioning of our fat-burning hormones.

You must eliminate unhealthy foods from your diet in order to experience remarkably sustainable and realistic weight loss benefits.

Here, take a look:

10. Ice Cream

We all love eating ice cream, but it won’t help denying the fact that it is extremely unhealthy and harmful for our health, along with being loaded with empty calories. You see, commercially sold ice creams are made with heaps of sugar, damaging trans fats, artificial food colours and flavours, of which countless have been scientifically proven as damaging neurotoxins that must not be allowed in food products.

Research reveals that neurotoxins are severely damaging chemicals that harm our brain and nervous system, along with negatively impacting our weight. In order to perform all its functions effectively, the human brain has a very delicate balance of chemicals that are responsible for controlling each and every metabolic process that takes place within the body. If any substance or chemical disrupts this balance, it disrupts the effective functioning of the brain.

Most ice cream varieties are extremely unhealthy for the heart and weight maintenance, but you can always find healthier varieties. The best way to treat yourself to an indulgent ice cream is to make your own treat with frozen fruits, dark chocolate and crunchy nut toppings.

9. Corn & Tortilla Chips

GMOS, or genetically modified foods have taken over the market and the hearts of foodies all over the world, but we must realize that the corn we are eating is extremely damaging to our health. You see, corn is one of the most common genetically modified foods available in markets worldwide, and since it is loaded with alarming amounts of sugar, it is capable of causing several blood sugar imbalances and spikes.

Moreover, it also promotes the storage of fats and rapid weight gain, along with severe irritability, unexplainable mood swings, and several other disturbing symptoms. To make matters worse, most of these chips are fried in harmful oils that cause inflammation within the body. Instead of these unhealthy varieties, treat yourself to an assortment of vegetable chips, such as zucchini and kale fries.

8. Pizza

Commercially sold pizza varieties and frozen store-bought pizzas are incredibly unhealthy and they contain horribly unhealthy ingredients, such as toxic food additives, preservatives, and artificial dough conditioners, which give all pizzas a bad name. Basically, commercial pizza makers make pizzas from white flour that has been heavily bleached, and when it enters your body, it reacts just like sugar, leading to severe blood sugar spikes and rapid weight gain.

Processed cheese is another extremely unhealthy ingredient, because these heavily processed varieties pack up alarming amounts of saturated fats, which raise cholesterol levels and damage the heart.

Avoid these unhealthy and processed pizza varieties, and fix your own homemade pizzas recipe with essential oils, beneficial herbs, whole wheat crust, superfoods, organic unprocessed cheeses, and healthy nutrient-rich sauces.

7. French Fries

French fries are brimming with the worst kinds of fats, trans fats and to make matters worse, they are also loaded with acrylamide, one of the most damaging carcinogenic substances found in food,

Research reveals that acrylamide is generated when white potatoes are set to heat on high temperatures, primarily during toxic cooking techniques such as deep frying. Acrylamide causes widespread inflammation throughout the body, along with disrupting the pH balance and causing acidity.

Moreover, majority of the oil varieties used for deep frying French fries tend to become rancid when heated at high temperatures or exposed to oxygen, and when consumed, they cause severe inflammation within the body. Several researchers have pointed out that inflammation is an alarming risk factor that contributes to several chronic health ailments, such as heart diseases, arthritis, cancer, and naturally, rapid weight gain.

If you must eat potatoes, try to use cooking techniques that eliminate acrylamide, or prepare a batch of nutrient-rich kale and zucchini fries for a much healthier pick.

6. Potato Chips

Potato chips are one of the unhealthiest kinds of processed junk for they contain the greatest levels of toxic acrylamide amongst all foods. They not only damage the heart, but also raise cholesterol levels and cause blood sugar spikes, which induce cravings for more fats.

Instead of these unhealthy and damaging chips, it’s healthier to treat yourself to a crunchy serving of sweet potatoes. You can bake these sweet potatoes or even boil them, and accompany them with a healthy dip sauce so that you don’t feel deprived of the original chips that you so love.

5. Bacon

Here’s an extremely disturbing news for bacon addicts. Research reveals that the daily consumption of salt-rich and processed meats like bacon increases the risk factors contributing to heart diseases by an alarming 42%, while they increase the risk factors of diabetes by 19%.

Bacon doesn’t belong in any healthy and wholesome diet, and it certainly cannot be a part of a weight loss diet because it is brimming with unhealthy fats that raise cholesterol levels and damage the heart.

Bacon is extremely unhealthy for the overall health of the body. A recent study attempted to study the damage caused by the consumption of bacon. The results revealed that the consumption of bacon 14 times during one month caused severe damage to the functions of the lungs, along with increasing the risk factors contributing to lung disease.

If you’re following a weight loss plan that comprises of bacon consumption, it might help you lose weight, but it won’t be sustainable and it will damage the overall health of your body. High-protein diets that include regular bacon meals are extremely damaging and unsustainable, and they to do more harm than good.

4. Hot Dogs

Regardless of whether you pick out whole wheat bread or 100% beef hot dogs, they are brimming with processed meat, processed cheese and unhealthy fats. A recent study revealed that the consumption of hot dogs and processed meats is directly associated with an alarming 67% increase in the risk factors contributing to pancreatic cancer.

Moreover, researchers have validated the claim that both, hot dogs and bacon, contain an incredibly harmful carcinogen, sodium nitrate, which has been directly linked with the symptoms of leukemia amongst children, and the formation of brain tumors in infants. Several studies reveal that sodium nitrate is the most common culprit that encourages the growth of colorectal cancer.

Instead of eating processed meat and hot dogs, why not devour crunchy carrot dogs and kale fries with a spicy hummus dip?

3. Doughnuts

Even though a fresh doughnut is a much better choice than packaged and frozen snacks, most doughnut varieties contain at least 35-45% trans fat, which is the hardest and unhealthiest kind of fat. Several researchers have directly associated the consumption of trans fat with heart ailments, brain dysfunction, obesity and cancer.

To make matters worse, doughnuts are also created with artificial dough conditioners, preservative-rich food additives and heaps of sugar, all of which contribute to obesity and heart ailments. A medium-sized donut packs up 300 empty calories and not a single trace of nutrients. Instead of these unhealthy sugary treats, why not fix yourself a natural homemade dessert with dark chocolate, and crunchy nuts.

2. Soda

Research reveals that one can of soda contains over 150 calories, to large tablespoons of sugar, 30-55mg caffeine and countless artificial food colours, preservatives and sulphites to create that artificial flavours. None of the ingredients pack up a single trace of nutrients, and if that doesn’t make you quit the unhealthy habit of sodas, what will?

Sodas are unbelievably acidic, and the acidity created by one cola requires more than 30 cups of pH-balanced water to neutralize its harmful effects. Kidneys suffer extreme damage because of this acid residue and they are responsible for filtering it out of the body.

Our bones are the mineral reservoirs of our body, they absorb all alkaline minerals, such as calcium, and when we consume sodas, the calcium is tossed into the blood to aid the body in neutralizing the acidity caused by the soda. This process causes our bones to become weak and brittle, and naturally, the consumption of 10 tablespoons of sugar causes us to gain uncontrollable amounts of weight.

Several researchers have directly associated the consumption of sodas with ailments such as heart diseases, obesity, tooth decay and osteoporosis. Instead of these treacherous drinks, why not treat yourself to pure water, pure fruit juices and delicious homemade smoothies?

1. Diet Soda

The prominent belief is that diet soda is a healthier and sugar-free alternative to regular soda and an essential addition to weight loss diet. However, truth be told, these diet sodas have nearly all the problems that dieters face with the consumption of regular sodas, along with heaps of sugar, and aspartame, which is disguised as AminoSweet.

Research reveals that aspartame, found in liberal quantities in diet sodas, contributes to the risk factors of several health ailments, such as blindness, epilepsy, sugar cravings, birth defects, depression, headaches, heart palpitations, chest pain, binge eating, brain tumors, anxiety attacks, fatigue, hearing loss, joint pains, muscle cramps, migraines, dizziness, hypertension, insomnia, reproductive ailments, learning dysfunction, PMS complications, and even loss of life.

In most cases, the side effects of aspartame are often mistaken for the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, Huntington’s chorea, Lyme disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, post-polio syndrome, Epstein-Barr virus, hypothyroidism, multiple sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s disease and Ménière’s disease.

It is astoundingly shocking that this disease-ridden beverage is actually included in several weight-loss diet, and its production comprises of fallacious marketing gimmicks and lobbying by the manufacturers. If you eliminate this treacherous drink from your diet, you will find it much easier and simpler to shed off those unwanted pounds.

Several studies have highlighted incidents where the consumption of diet soda has contributed to the risk factors of severe migraines, brain tumors and heart palpitations, all of which were eliminated when the patients cut down the consumption of diet soda.

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