Best Supplements to Burn Fat and Build Muscle

Why The Most Popular Weight Loss Supplement Is Completely Overrated?

Feel like taking care of your body? But how you should do it? What properties you look for, when you think about starting a new supplement? Well, those supplements that help you achieve your fitness goal and make leaner and stronger, fulfills your need of vitamins and minerals, are the best kind of supplements that you need.

Following are the list of popular supplements that a women can use for losing weight, building and recovering muscles. These supplements are safe from severe side effects but still one should consult their doctor before taking them.

Weight Loss Supplements

Have a look at different lists, as we have separated the medicines according to your body fitness goal.


1. CLA

CLA is an abbreviation for “Conjugated Linoleic Acids”. These are the Trans fats that occurs naturally in small amounts in beef and dairy foods. Many studies states that CLA causes natural weight loss, and quite a number of studies states that it doesn’t have any effect on weight.

Dr. Mike states that there should be more and more researches are required on CLA to back the build-up. He told to the magazine that in spite of very promising and exciting animal studies, CLA has come up very less in transporting weight loss results in humans.

2- Thermogenic

Just as the name suggests, these supplements are supposed to increase the production of heat in the body that increases your metabolic rate because it is directly connected to increased heart rate. One of the popular and most common thermogenic supplement is caffeine.

According to the recent detailed studies, caffeine is great for starting the metabolism. In order for the thermogenic supplements to work, you must have great willpower, and train yourself by doing few laps and calling it a day won’t help you shed pounds, and this is what people don’t get it. Plus it also has several side effects. If you decide to go for thermogenic, just sure that you drink a lot of water and take a lot of rest because your body is going to work too hard. And make sure that you know about the active thermogenic ingredient in your supplement. Few years back, there was a popular thermogenic supplement, named as Ephedra, was banned by FDA, because it may cause injury or illness and it could be harmful.

3. Green Tea Extract

If we talk from thermogenic side that green tea is a thermogenic supplement that increases your body temperature as well as your metabolic rate. But despite being a good thermogenic supplement, it also has a strong weapon, Catechin. Catechin is a natural chemical substance found in green tea that attributes to weight loss.

The ECGC is knwn for breaking down the chemicals produced in nervous system and releasing a lot of thermogenesis.


4. Protein Powder

Protein powders are simple, fast and easiest way to have instant boost of energy before or after workout sessions. In fact, protein powder can be used in breakfast smoothie, or for snack in the evening, because proteins are the most important factors that aids in weight loss.

5. Carbs

There are some complex carbs, which are as essential as normal proteins, required to build muscles and for the speedy recovery of post-workout cramps. These two go hand in hands because without carbs your will pull all the stored proteins it has, to provide energy to the body. Unfortunately, our bodies cannot tell the difference between already stored proteins in your body and the proteins you just ate. So this is the reason you need to feed yourself some complex carbs.


6. Glutamine

Glutamine is the most common amino acid that is found in the body that transports nitrogen all over the body. When workout either in gym or by yourself, your muscles weaken or temporarily rip and break down. During that period, glutamine levels in your body are exhausted and decreases your stamina, strength and recovery time. When you take glutamine supplements, this decreases the after workout rebuild period and aids your muscles to recover quickly.


Our body finds branch chain amino acids (BCAA) from proteins we get from the food we eat. These branch chain amino acids helps in treating many diseases and disorders. Athletes use BCAAs to reduce muscle breakdown and to even excite muscle growth.

Taking BCAAs is absolutely safe in general but you shouldn’t take it before driving.


8. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a great immunity booster that acts as a natural antihistamine, and reduces allergies and cold symptoms. It is powerful enough to fight cancer cells and strong antioxidants protects healthy cells and their DNA from mutation and free radicals. As it boosts the immune system, it helps in strengthening the first line defence of the body.

9. Calcium

More than 3% of the people are not getting enough amount of calcium on daily basis, especially if you are shedding pounds. This is because, an active body needs more essential nutrients than an inactive one. Calcium increases the density of the bones and makes them stronger. It also help with high blood pressure and OMS symptoms.

10. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are not only beneficial for weight loss but they also reduces high cholesterol levels in the body, regulates blood pressure, and aids in heart diseases etc. These fatty acids are not produced by the body itself but you need to get them from foods like fatty fishes, green veggies or vegetable oils. Omega-3 fatty acids can also be taken through fish oil supplements.