7 Signs Your Liver is in Bad Condition

Most of the people do not give importance the body organs and usually take them for granted. But actually, we do not know its importance. It has become our lifestyle to use unhealthy foods, improper night sleep, no exercise and abrupt use of Alcohol and fizzy drinks.

We can feel the importance of any organ in our body and life when it is not running properly. Same is in the case of a liver. It is the most prominent organ in the body and its vital roles are manufacturing of bile that helps in digestion, break down of the saturated fats, production of cholesterol, get rid of harmful substances, manufacturing of blood proteins that aid in clotting and help the immune system.

Here are some reasons and symptoms from which you can mull over that your liver is in bad condition.

On the Outside of the Body

1. Skin Problems

On the outside of body from skin, you can judge the condition of your liver.

Outer skin clearly depicts the inner situation. For example Jaundice, the yellowish of skin is usually associated with the liver problem. Rashes, itches, acne and prominent blood vessels may be other symptoms.

2. Eyes Problem

If your liver is in bad condition then crystal clear white part around the pupil of eyes start becoming yellowish, usually happen in jaundice. The puffiness, redness and itching in eyes may be other symptoms.

3. Excessive Fat Build-Up

The liver helps in the manufacturing of bile and helps in the digestion process. Excessive fat build up may be the reason of modern lifestyle, poor diet and lack of exercise. But one strong reason is improper liver functioning.

The liver regulates the fat storage and blood sugar level. When the liver has no capability to manage the fat properly then liver begins to store fat in the liver.

Fatty Liver and Pain

4. Discoloration of Stool

Discoloration of stool is due to the problem of drainage of your biliary system. The biliary system comprises of gallbladder, pancreas and liver.

Liver releases the bile salts into your stools and gives it a brown color. But improper functioning leads to the discoloration of stool.

Internal Symptoms

5. A Weakened Immune System

When liver is not in good condition it directly affects the immune system. Because it is occupied to treat with the toxins and its efficiency is reduced to aid the body and immune system. As a result, a weakened immune system is developed.

6. Pain and Swelling of the Abdominals

A liver is placed in the upper right quadrant of the abdomen and it has weight, actually this large organ has weight about three pounds. When it is functioning properly then body system works smoothly.

But if there is a problem with the liver it may be inflamed, cause pain and swelling. Abnormal swelling and pain require medical attention.