Food Hacks The Stars Swear By

Today, we shall tell you all the amazing culinary hacks and splendid recipes created by our favourite Hollywood stars and supermodels. This is yet another reminder that these Oscar-winners and talented actors and actresses are just as human as we all are, and their efforts to create healthy and wholesome diets should only motivate us to do the same.

It’s true that the rich, famous, talented and gorgeous aren’t just successful, but also endowed with great culinary skills, and while some hide their culinary talents, most celebrities are very vocal about their culinary achievements and wish to impart their healthy eating knowledge by writing cookbooks and sharing recipes.

Here are all the amazing culinary hacks that our favourite celebrities credit for their splendid physiques and wholesome lifestyles:

1. Kylie Jenner

Kylie uploaded a cooking video on YouTube and taught us to make some of the most delicious burgers, with her special secret ingredient, which is none other than teriyaki sauce. Her sisters Kim K and Khloe Kardashian adore her burgers, and praise them with love for her special teriyaki sauce. Kylie says that teriyaki sauce is the ultimate ingredient to add to a burger, “this is the secret potion: teriyaki sauce”.

2. Scarlett Johansson

The gorgeous red woman is an amazing health fanatic, and her secret recipe to make vegan chocolate banana muffins are so immensely popular that even the gorgeous actress and renowned foodie Gwyneth Paltrow requested her for the recipe. The taste is so enjoyable that she’s even “had marriage proposals” just because of their deliciousness.