7 Foods That Wake You Up Better Than Coffee

There are some days when coffee isn’t a solution with the added sweetener to wake you up. In spite of a whole night’s sleep, you often feel exhausted with a headache and you keep on yawning all the time. Coffee acts as a temporary energy boost and ends up with a greater level of exhaustion. Additionally, choosing a pastry instead of a healthy and heavy breakfast is definitely going to contribute to your dizziness and laziness. We all know how much each day matters and similarly our diet matters.

Take a look at some energizing yet long-lasting effect’s foods to wake your mind up better and assist you in having a great day ahead.

1. Oatmeal

A bowl of oatmeal in breakfast is the perfect food for your breakfast as it’s soluble fibers help keep the risk of heart disease low and can provide you with energy for longer time period.

It’s a powerhouse which is low on the glycemic acid’s index i.e. the rate with which carbohydrates is digested and turn into energy. It doesn’t give a natural momentary energy boost to further enhance your fatigue.

2. Peppermint

Peppermint is definitely more effective than coffee as only its scent, according to researchers, helps you feel more alert and active.

Try some peppermint tea early morning and have peppermint gums every time you feel exhausted and sleepy. Every time you will have a peppermint gum, you will feel a freezing effect to alert and relax your mind getting you out of fatigue.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

There is no science but some folk belief in the remedial power of Apple cider vinegar with an added honey and water to boost up the energy level, lower the level of dizziness and lead to a better health.

Give it a try and it’s more potent than a witch craft. Yet, the excess of ACV can be troubling as its acidic effects may become problematic for your digestive tract and throat.

4. Chia Seeds

Have your smoothie with added chia seeds to get a brain booster i.e. omega-3 fatty acids in your breakfast. You are going to feel energized and alert through the day.

The tiny seeds of chia pace up your digestion by converting your food to energy. They have innate power to absorb 10 times more water than their weight to keep you alert and hydrated.

5. Leafy Greens

According to a nutritionist, Kathy Stricker, organic and fresh green leafy foods are a sure ways to provide you with a lot of energy.

Green leafy vegetables used for salads or smoothies or cooked food contain vitamin B which assist your body to convert food into energy. So, have some green and fresh green drinks for your breakfast.

6. Water

Water is surely a miraculous drink to wake up your mind and can never be topped by any other sugared and flavoured drink. Our body is 90% water and even a bit of dehydration leads to drowsiness and slow functioning of the brain.

Sometimes dehydration is a reason behind headaches so just make a habit of drinking one or two glasses of water first in the morning. It will help you with your weight as well.

7. Eggs

Eggs aren’t bad for you rather their protein-filled yolk gives continuous energy throughout the day. So, add some eggs to your breakfast menu.

Scrambled or fried egg, half-boil or hard-boiled egg—in every way they will provide you with an energy that will last the whole day.

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