7 Best Fall Foods For Weight Loss


All across the year, you look for a perfect time to lose weight. Summer: too hot for walking; Winter: too cold for walking; Fall: too windy; Spring: pollen; monsoon: RAIN!

But people who are motivated enough, find the time to control and maintain their weight, across the year. How? Well that Is the main question.

It is seen in many people that they tend to put on a few calories during Fall. Why? Well eating a lot during those Halloween and Thanksgiving parties, and then getting into your bed because it’s too damn cold and windy.

People also enjoy some sizzling hot meals in the bed like mac and cheese, which cause a lot of calories to hit your body. So maybe, fall might not be the appropriate reason to rock those denims because you know your mac and cheese will be visible on your body.

But wait, don’t be disappointed. We being you today with foods of the FALL. These foods are extremely healthy and the best part, you can eat them while being tucked in your bed. These foods are extremely cozy and provide your stomach with a satisfactory feeling for a long time.

So give up these mashed potatoes and fudge brownies and replace them with something a bit healthier. This winter, your pants might get more room to breathe than before. The following foods are designated as foods of the FALL. Take a look.

1. Apple

A medium sized apple has the same amount of calories as granola bar. i.e. around 100. But apple doesn’t fill you up with sugar, rather it supplies you with 20% of fiber. A part of fiber is also supplied in the form of pectin, that slows the digestion process, and so your need for sugar intake is slowed down too. It also supplies gut bacteria which is healthy and can play a significant role to stay fit.

Health Benefits from Apples

For an extra kick, try the Granny Smith apples. These apples have high amounts of fiber that is non digestible and also polyphenols that keeps healthy bacteria in the tummy happy, according to the researchers at Washington State University. Don’t forget to eat the apple-peel too.


  1. You are right about finding perfect time to lose weight. The time is never perfect, but we need to make it perfect. And I like your list of the wood of Fall, definitely will try it. 😉


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