6 Silent Signs of Colon Cancer You Might Be Missing

Colon cancer is deadly and a silent disease may spread very mutely into the human body. Its diagnoses and the treatment at the right time can prevent the big loss of a person. The most obvious sign of colon cancer is the bleeding of the rectum. There are other many symptoms of colon cancer which are to be reported immediately to the doctor in case of observance:

1. Diagnose of Anemia

Anemia is a disease of deficiency of blood. If a person is bleeding internally without knowing it, then he must be anemic. Anemia is such a disease that develops silently and don’t indicates any symptoms of its development until six months. Symptoms like dizziness, fatigue etc. should not be ignored. If you see that you are passing blood in stool, talk to your doctor soon as possible because it can be due to colon cancer.

You learn you’re anemic


2. Shortening of Breath

Shortening of breath can be another symptom not to be ignored as it can be due to colon cancer. It may be caused due to many reasons including the side effects of internal bleeding. According to doctors, it is possible that blood is unable to make red blood cells and due to this reason blood may carry less oxygen which results in shortening of blood.

3. Bloating and Cramps

Bloating and cramps in different parts of the body without any apparent reason can also be due to the colon cancer. Though many other reasons can be the cause of bloating and cramps but one of the factors may be the colon cancer. A person may feel bloated due to the blockage and the backing up in the colon. If bloating is for the shorter term, then nothing is to be worried about as it may happen due to minor reasons. But don’t refrain from consulting the doctor if you observe these symptoms for the longer period of time.

Constant or frequent pain on the either sides of the abdomen is also thought provoke as it can be due to very severe reasons like the spread of colon cancer.

4. Severe and Prolonged Constipation

Constipation may seem a very minor and a usual problem generally faced by many people. But persistent and severe constipation is something to worry about. It may be caused due to multiple reasons but at worst, it can be caused due to colon cancer or let’s say, intense and prolonged constipation may end up in colon cancer. So, it is suggested not to take any problem non-serious or minor as these small issues may results in something harmful and major problems.

5. Skinny Stool

Your stool may indicate you many things not to be unnoticed. It also indicates the internal health of your body. It may sound a bit filthy but being a sensible and a sound person, one should often check what he is passing. It’s not only the blood in stool to be worried about but the passing of skinny stool or the chunkier stool may indicate some problem in the colon. It may be due to the reason of restriction in the colon due to the tumor in the colon. If diarrhea stays for long, it can be due to serious reasons like colon cancer.

6. Change in Stool Color

Rectum bleeding is an indication of something serious. The less disturbing reason is ulcer but prolonged an ulcer is also not good for the human body. Change in stool color may also be due to the puncture in the intestine. But continuous blood or change in stool color may be the reason for colon cancer and it needs immediate treatment.