5 Things That Are Making Your Heartburn Worse

Heartburn is one of the most common illness nowadays. Almost every individual must have suffered from heartburn that causes burning sensation in throat and chest. It is also accompanied by a slightly nasty taste in mouth. Fatty and spicy foods are chiefly responsible for heartburn and its symptoms include dry cough, sour liquid or regurgitating food, difficulty in swallowing and sore throat. This disease must be treated timely in order to avoid any negative impact on your health. 5 things are accountable for worsening or triggering your heartburn. Try to avoid these things if you are suffering from heartburn.

1. Two much drinking at night

If you are in a habit of drinking at night then it will be harmful for your health. Alcohol effects pressure on lower esophageal sphincter and also effects saliva and thus increases heartburn. Tobacco is also dangerous under this condition. Both tobacco and alcohol have dehydrating properties that reduces the quantity of saliva in mouth. Saliva is helpful in clearing acid in stomach and the acid will come back into throat if there is inadequate saliva.

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2. Consuming a lot of caffeinated drinks and foods

Chocolate, tea, and coffee are among the most commonly used caffeinated drinks and foods. All these are responsible for relaxing sphincter muscle that is located in esophagus. This muscle helps in blocking stomach acid so that it may not come back into throat. You will get heartburn if you are regularly consuming 2-3 cups of iced tea or coffee.

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3. Eating too much at night

Eating a lot of food at night can be much damaging if you are apt to heartburn. It is advisable to avoid eating too much at night, especially 2 hours before going to bed. Acid simply moves back to esophagus when you sleep on your stomach, back or side. Such a situation is really uncomfortable.

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4. Constant gum chewing

If you love to chew peppermint gum, then you have to quit this habit because it can have severe influence on your health. Peppermint will relax your sphincter muscles and keep it away from stomach acid. Try to avoid all the foods or drinks that contain peppermint because they will boost your heartburn.

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5. Consuming too much food

Body begins digestion immediately after you have consumed any food. Digestion will result in discharging stomach acid. Your body will take more time to transfer that food and stomach acid towards the small intestines. In this way, body is unable to discharge all the acid into intestines. There is maximum possibility that a little quantity of this acid will ooze from stomach and enter esophagus.

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This is the complete list of 5 things that will trigger or increase heartburn. Avoid these things if you want to protect yourself from this illness. Simply avoid all these things and get rid of heartburn.