6 Foods That Balance Your Hormones Naturally For Younger-Looking Skin


6. Quinoa

This incredibly healthy grain is your best pick to load up your body with energizing and hormone-regulating nutrients. It is brimming with essential nutrients and minerals, including phosphorus, protein and magnesium.

Unlike most grain that tends to be alarmingly high on the glycemic index and threaten to heighten your blood sugar levels, quinoa stabilizes blood sugar levels as it is a complex carb loaded with heaps of protein.

This aids the body in preventing the domino effect that takes place when high blood sugar levels raise insulin levels, and leads to an alarming rise in androgen levels.

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We strongly recommend you to devour quinoa instead of grains, such as white rice and bread. All you need is ½ cup of quinoa twice every week to brim up your body with energizing nutrients and hormone balancing minerals that will keep your skin youthfully firm and taut.


  1. Thanks Lauren for your wonderful notes on foods and nutrition, thanks alot and wish to read from you again, thanks , regards-jean

  2. Thanks Lauren for sharing some amazing food nutritional tips. The one about the boiled egg was my favorite & part of what I had just started eating anyway lately. My body was actually craving for it for some reason. So that’s how that happened.♣

  3. Thank you so much Lauren! Your post was not only extremely illuminating and helpful to me; but also to my husband and eight year old who both have Type 1 diabetes. Many; if not all of the foods you listed are foods which I will continue t to incorporate into our daily meals.

  4. What about pecans instead? I have a tree and prefer to eat the nuts we harvest from that rather than buy nuts at the store. Will those do?


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