17 Best and Worst Summer Foods for Weight Loss

If you want to shed some of those unwanted pounds and create a healthy, nutrient-rich summer diet regime, you need to make a series of smart changes to your diet.

Summer is all about picking out healthy foods that help you stay cool, getting plenty of exercise and tucking in the muffin top we all acquire during the cold months of winter. However, summer also means vacations, which is basically a prelude to trying out new cuisines and eating to one’s hearts content.

A recent study revealed that children tend to gain thrice as more weight during the summer as they are likely to gain during the school months, because they develop a habit of enjoying video games accompanied with junk food.

Grown-ups also tend to gain weight while travelling, attending BBQ garden parties, state fairs and local street food vendors that constantly tempt us with calorie-laden meals. We’ve compiled a list of 17 foods that you must enjoy and avoid during the month of summer.

Here, take a look:

1. Worst: Onion Rings

Onions are credited for being one of the healthiest veggies known to humankind, however, if you devour them as deep fried onion rings, you kill their nutrient density and make them horribly unhealthy for your body. You see, when onions are loaded with eggs, flour, and salt, and then thrown in a pool of fat-rich oil for deep frying, they lose their nutrient capacity and become extremely disastrous for the heart.

A much better idea: Instead of deep frying, why don’t you give faux frying a try? Just slice the onions, dip them in egg whites, finely grated parmesan cheese, whole-wheat flour and panko breadcrumbs. Line them up in a baking pan, use some cooking spray, and toss them into the oven to be baked at 450 degrees for no more than 15 minutes. The taste will be much crispier, and healthier as compared to the oil-soaked deep-fry onion rings.

2. Worst: Daiquiris

Despite being extremely light and invigorating, daiquiris packs up an incredibly high nutrient density of fats and sugar, which induce bloating and promote weight gain. Little do we know that an 8-ounce strawberry daiquiri to brim you up fats and sugar, and nearly as many calories a double patty hamburger. Instead, of these unhealthy meals, treat yourself to fiber-packed apples, berries and veggies.