10 Warning Signs of Pancreatic Cancer You Should Never Ignore

Statistics reveal that pancreatic cancer has the greatest death rates as compared to all other types of cancers. Our pancreas are indeed the most understated organs within the body, organs that we don’t pay much attention to or care for.

The pancreas are six inches long, and they are located right behind the stomach. Their function is to aid the body in digesting food and keep your blood sugar levels under control. Normally, the pancreas are able to perform their functions without disruption, but when they become damage or disrupted, they can cause serious disruptions throughout your body.

Research reveals that no more than 2% individuals get diagnosed with the symptoms of pancreatic cancer during their lives. It is extremely common amongst individuals above the age of 60, but cases of pancreatic cancer have also been reported amongst young adults in their 20s and 30s.

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Therefore, it is extremely essential to be able to detect all the symptoms that indicate the presence of pancreatic cancer, so in case you experience them, you can spot them immediately, leading to an early diagnosis. Doctors reveal that most female patients tend to wait around for the symptoms to go away before they are finally forced to consult a doctor when the symptoms get horribly worse, and this is the primarily why pancreatic cancer has such a high death rate.

It is highly advisable to not take the risk of waiting at all. We’ve listed down all the commonly occurring symptoms to spot this sinister disease, and if you experience any of these symptoms, be sure to contact your doctor right away. It may seem silly if you don’t find anything, but remembers, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Here, take a look at all the symptoms to detect pancreatic cancer:

1. Your skin and eyes turn yellow

When the skin and eyes start to turn yellow instead of their regular white colour, it is always an indication of a severe health ailment. It could be seen as the indication of multiple health ailments, such as liver failure, alcoholism and pancreatic cancer amongst others. This tends to happen because most pancreatic tumours begin at the head of our pancreas, which is located near the bile duct.

Even the tumours that are smaller in size can exert a great deal of pressure on the surrounding organs and block your bile duct, which is responsible from carrying the bile from the liver and gallbladder and transporting it through the pancreas towards the small intestine.

One of the principal responsibilities of bile is to eliminate bilirubin from your body, which is basically a naturally-occurring waste product that occurs from red blood cells. So, when the bile fails to remove the bilirubin, it starts to accumulate within the body, leading to the development of the symptoms of jaundice, which causes the yellow eyes and skin. Even though this yellowness can occur due to several reasons, it is highly advisable to never ignore this symptom and get it checked by your doctor immediately.