5 Healthy Beverages That Fight Heart Disease

Heart diseases do have genetic and physiological causes, but they can be easily prevented with the right kinds of food items, and heart-healthy nutrients. The only way to keep your heart vitalized and rejuvenated is to get plenty of regular exercise, and enjoy a wholesome, nutrient-rich diet.

You can also speed up the heart-strengthening process by making several healthy lifestyle changes. We’ve picked out 5 amazingly healthy beverages that will aid you in lowering your risk for heart ailments and feeling revitalized.

Here, take a look:

1. Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate juice has emerged as the healthiest diet trend to brim your body with countless heart-healthy nutrients. Nutritional studies have highlighted several astounding benefits of consuming pomegranate juice, and it truly champions every other heart-healthy beverage with its unique antioxidant profile.

A recent study examined the antioxidant density of green tea, red wine and pomegranate juice. These results revealed that pomegranate juice contains three times more antioxidant density as opposed to green tea and red wine. Several other studies have linked the regular consumption of pomegranate juice with reduced risks of plaque build-up in the arteries, which naturally reduces the risk for heart disease.

Further research also reveals that the daily consumption of pomegranate juice reduces the level of bad or LDL cholesterol, and enhances the blood flow directed towards the heart. We strongly advise you to drink as much pomegranate juice as you possibly can.

Just remember, processed and bottled versions cannot compete with a tall glass of freshly squeezed pomegranate juice that is devoid of all added flavours and sweeteners.

2. Coffee

Most people believe that coffee is harmful for one’s health, however, research reveals that coffee packs up a greater antioxidant density than both, cocoa or tea, which are highly regarded for their incredible quantity of antioxidants.

Coffee is not only brimming with antioxidants, but is easily available for everyone and all regions of the world, so you will face no problem in devouring a hot cup every day. However, it in order to enjoy the benefits of its heart-healthy antioxidants, you must drink coffee moderately and mindfully.

Research validates the claim that the antioxidants found within coffee work to reduce and prevent inflammation, along with lowering all risk factors that contribute to the development of cardiovascular ailments.

A study attempted to examine the diet patterns of over 83,000 women over a long period of time. The results revealed that women who drank at least two or more cups of coffee every day, cut down their risk for suffering heart strokes by an impressive 20% as opposed to non-coffee drinkers and those who consumed less.

It is ideal to enjoy at least 3-4 cups of coffee every day. However, if you feel the onset of symptoms like nausea, exhaustion, lack of sleep, irritability or restlessness, reduce your consumption to one or two cups.

3. Red Wine

Believe it or not, but red wine is one of the most nutritious beverage filled with heart-healthy antioxidants. Research reveals that red wine in brimming with a powerful assortment of cardioprotective nutrients, of which the most powerful is resveratrol, a potent polyphenol derived from grapes.

The process of winemaking causes resveratrol to become highly concentrated and dense in its quantity, which makes red wine even healthier than fresh organic grape juice. There is ample research to substantiate the claim that resveratrol contains a mighty powerful antioxidant profile, which allows it to shield and strengthen the blood vessels present within the heart. It also aids in preventing the formation of blood clots within the arteries.

Several studies also highlight the direct link between the moderate consumption of red wine and increases levels of good or HDL cholesterol. However, in order to enjoy all these heart-healthy benefits, it is crucial that you enjoy red wine mindfully, and take no more than one serving every day.

Women should consume no more than one 5-ounce glass of red wine, while men are allow to consume two.

4. Black Tea

A powerful beverage that will energize your mind and fight against all kinds of heart ailments. Black tea is so amazingly healthy because after the leaves get harvested and dried, they undergo the process of fermentation, which dramatically alters the chemical composition of black tea leaves. They brim up with an assortment of incredibly healthy antioxidants, which enhance the health and functioning of the heart.

Several studies have highlighted a direct link between the daily consumption of black tea and reduced levels of bad or LDL cholesterol levels, along with a reduction in the risk factors contributing to heart strokes.

Moreover, research also reveals that black tea plays a detrimental role in enhancing the functioning of blood vessels, and improving the flow of blood in the coronary arteries.

The best way to enjoy all its protective phytochemical properties is to allow it to steep as long as possible. Be sure to drink it hot, for iced tea versions are usually diluted. Avoid those horrid bottled and processed varieties as antioxidants can’t retain their potency for long periods of times. Also, avoid adding sweeteners, artificial flavours and milk, and just enjoy 2-3 cups every day for effective protection against heart ailments.

5. Green Tea

A hot and soothing cup of green tea is one of your best defences to ward off the symptoms of heart ailments for green tea is brimming with countless antioxidants that work wonders on the health of the heart. It is much like black tea, however, what makes green tea much more effective is its lack of fermentation.

Countless studies have highlighted the role played by daily green tea consumption in reducing the risk for developing the coronary artery disease. There is an abundance of research to validate the claim that indeed, green not only lowers the levels of cholesterol, but it also prevents and eliminates the formation of blood strokes and clots in the arteries.

Moreover, it has a powerful anti-inflammatory profile which also boosts the health of the heart.

Be sure to steer clear of bottled and processed green tea versions, and devour three cups of organic green tea every day.