15 Foods That Are Natural Laxatives


Before considering human-made, artificial laxatives for constipation, one must not refrain from trying natural laxatives, which are found in certain foods, fruits, vegetables and herbs. These natural laxatives have been used for multiple health purposes for more than thousand years. If you want to know where your health stands, consider the regular bowel movement. It indicates healthy body.

There are so many factors that slow down the digestion e.g. stress, travelling, health issues etc. but these are the temporary one and can be released after a short period of time.

Over the counter medication is taken by those people who lacks laxatives and are constipated. But those medicines have short term effect and don’t solve the problem permanently. Therefore, to deal with these issues, some natural laxatives are recommended as follows:

1. Citrus

Fruits, like vegetable, are also good for maintaining the health of human body. There may be some certain fruits that causes constipation like banana but generally, all juicy fruits are really good for the release. Citrus fruits which includes lemons, orange etc. not only contain high water content but also reduces bloating. Citrus also contains a huge amount of bowel-stimulating pectin. These juicy fruits help in softening of stool too. It is said by the doctors that fruits that are juicy are very helpful in the laxation of bowels and colon.

Citrus Breakfast and Lunch

2. Coffee

Coffee contains caffeine which keeps the things moving. If you have your coffee in morning on regular basis, it will not only stimulate your brain, but also stimulates your bowels. Never forget one thing, that too much caffeine intake is prohibited by the doctor as it can cause constipation instead of releasing the constipation. Coffee also helps in boost up your mind and body.

Is Coffee Constipating



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