15 Cancer Causing Foods You Could Be Eating Everyday


12. Liquor

Too much alcohol can wreak havoc in your body. Your liver will be under constant stress.

Other parts of the gut are also risked to get cancers of various kinds e.g. rectum cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer and of course liver cancer. The risk is doubled if you are a woman in your late forties in her menopause period.

Avoid taking no more than a glass a day if you love it so much.

Liquor Cause Cancer
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13. Non-organic fruits and vegetables

Nowadays, the greens are also not safe. They are loaded with lots of pesticides like Atrazine which is carcinogenic as well as cause reproductive health concerns.

Plus, chemicals like thiodicarb and organophosphates are present abundantly on the surfaces of the vegetables and fruits.

Hence, inorganic fruits and vegetable are riskier than consuming any vegetables at all. But to live your best go for organic alternatives.

Non Organic Fruits and Vegetables Cause Cancer
Credit Image: pxhere.com


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